About Trek Over the Top

Trek Over The Top is the most fun you can have with your snow pants on! It’s a poker run from Tok, Alaska to Dawson City, YT. 200 Miles one way, 200 miles back and a weekend party in Canada in between. This is the premier sledding event of the north! Considered Yukons premier event Dawson City hosts hundreds of sled enthusiasts each season.


In 1993, a small group of snow machiners known as the Alaska Trail Blazers arrived in Dawson City from Tok, Alaska. This group journeyed over the Top of the World Highway in winter, which back then was unheard of. Today, this trip has become the “Yukon’s Premiere Snowmobile Event”: Trek over the Top.

In 1994, the Alaska Trail Blazers were approached by visiting riders and plans were made to try and organize a few events. It turned out that 100 snowmobilers made the trip. A few international rides were organized and with the support of the Klondike Visitors Association, Diamond Tooth Gerties Gambling Hall located in Dawson City, Yukon was opened for ‘trekkers.’

Throughout the following years, the popularity of the run rose tremendously. A second run became necessary and then a third. Each run consisted of about 200 participants and runs were extended so trekkers could enjoy an entire weekend in Dawson.

While the majority of participants are our brothers and sisters from Alaska, the Trek has been enjoyed by numerous participants worldwide. Canadians, Americans from the Lower 48, and even Europeans have made the trip to Tok to participate in this epic event. Up to date, maybe the most famous Trekker of all has been Sarah Palin who, with her husband Todd, made the Trek in 2004.

Trek over the Top has become an annual tourist attraction for Dawson City, YT and receives the support of all the community and its businesses. With the help of the Dawson City Sled Dawgs, the Klondike Visitors Association, and the Alaska Trail Blazers, this event continues to be a success and remains to this day, the most northern international poker run in North America.

2018 will be 25 years of Trek over the Top, so come and join us for the party!

What Riders Are Saying

Attending Trek Over the Top was not only the best experience I had had all year, it was the tipping point in proving I was a true Alaskan! Anyone who loves the winter, fantastic scenery and a wild, weekend party needs to take on the Trek at least once! ~Justin Matley, 2009 Trekker

You get a big Gold Star by your name! Thank you for indulging my requests. This will be my eighth Trek and my wife’s second. We/I have always stayed at the Eldorado with every satisfaction save for a couple of minor inconveniences which , thanks to you, have been addressed. The Alaska Trailblazers/Dawson Sleddogs have always managed to pull this off with what seems to be a seamless, smooth event. Having been involved in similar group endeavors, I know that it rarely, if ever, is a easy as it looks. Kudo’s to you and the Trailblazers for all your hard work and of going to the wall to ensure all Trekkies get the best effort. You’re all Aces. Thanks again. Best Regards ~Scott & Carol, 2015